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Archive for November 2010

HeliPOV source files posted

November 13, 2010

I’d just like to point out that I have created a page with links to the HeliPOV source files. The page is possibly linked at the right side of this post, but is definitely linked by these words. Is it redundant to add a post to ones blog simply to inform the readers that a […]

HeliPOV update (with videos!)

November 10, 2010

This post discusses the current status of the HeliPOV. Much progress has been made, but there are some very puzzling problems that I’m dealing with. Once I got the blades balanced and the heli in the air, I got to work on the microcontroller firmware. After spending a long evening trying to get the whole […]

It Flies!!

November 10, 2010

Thanks to the help and expertise of the veteran fliers at ABC Flying Field in Concord, I was able to precisely balance the weight and the span-wise center of gravity of the blades to within 0.01g and less than a millimeter, and the vibrations are almost completely eliminated! Turns out the small imbalance between the […]