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HeliPOV source files posted

I’d just like to point out that I have created a page with links to the HeliPOV source files. The page is possibly linked at the right side of this post, but is definitely linked by these words. Is it redundant to add a post to ones blog simply to inform the readers that a page has been added to ones blog? Probably. Just wanted to get the news out front and center.


2 Responses to “HeliPOV source files posted”

  1. Mike,
    Thanks for posting all of your files. The AVR code is so clear and dare I say simple. Your method of converting images is also way easier than what I was doing before. After adjusting the .cpp file, it’s now spitting out 5 blade code as fast as the kids can make bitmaps.

    You have rekindled my interest in the whole fan project. Already running it with 255 “slices” and changed the timing method yielding a much higher image resolution. Now cycling 10 images with perhaps enough memory for another 20. Maybe new hardware with more LEDs… Oh my…

  2. @UncleBone, I’m glad you found my files useful! Keep me updated on your progress.

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