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Finding your passion

I sure haven’t posted anything in a long time, and this post sure isn’t about electronics or helicopters or anything like that (at least not directly, and not for most people), but I feel compelled to share this essay, if only for the sake of having one more hyperlink backalley leading to it on this web so that, in spite of the inconspicuousness of this blog, the odds that someone might stumble upon it through a series of random clicks is a teensy tiny fraction of a percentage higher than it was before this posting.

Paul Graham — How to do what you love.

I’ve come across this essay before, but it has just resurfaced for me again. I’m amazed by how loudly Paul’s ideas resonate in my heart, and I’m certain this is a piece that future-Mike will find as fascinating and inspiring as present-Mike does, though probably for different reasons given his situation in life. I hope that by posting it here I’ll help at least one other person to discover it. (If nothing else, I know I’ll help future-Mike find it!)


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